Wednesday, March 11, 2009

a little to the left...

adjustments are being made, long sleeved thermal shirts are being bought, and everything seems to be exactly as it should for the first time in years. coming home to an empty house is bizarre, but I'm acclimating to it, however not without the first few nights alone riddled with weird nightmares of the type one might experience after drinking a bottle of tapatio before hitting the sack. I've been staying up reprehensibly late and sleeping in accordingly, which will have to end when I secure myself a job, and l've been out pounding the pavement. I don't mind being single and I don't even mind ceasing the endless search for finding a warm body to share a bed with for the time being. new york is my new significant other, and right now I don't want to share.

I've got 3 packs of polaroids coming to me from amazon and I am so excited to shoot my first brooklyn spring with them.

more is coming, I'm processing, it's a wonderful thing.


sara said...

this may be kinda creepy, but here I go anyway:

I followed your diaryland blog religiously when I was twelve because I thought you were so funny, and such a good storyteller. when the updates got less frequent, I checked it less frequently, but still remembered it every year or so. it was the only journal I'd read that wasn't deleted after all these years and I sometimes wondered what became of the girl whose life I used to read about. oh, internet!

so now I'm nearly twenty and was in brooklyn last weekend and I saw someone who looked just like said blogger idol of my adolescence (you!). but I remembered you as a. on the west coast b. blonde, but then I saw this person again and the resemblence was so uncanny that I looked up your diaryland again, for the hell of it, and wound up here -- to find out that it must have, in fact, been you. so if you were unnerved by a blonde girl in a red coat looking at you a moment too long near graham ave last monday, it was just me, former devotee of the blondefox, as it were. funny, the universe.

sorry if this is weird! but it's pretty cool in my book, at least, and so... hello! good to see you still exist.

zoe said...