Saturday, January 17, 2009

afraid not scared

the freakout has commenced... I haven't felt like writing, but then I haven't sat still long enough to physically accomplish as much. yesterday night I went home early, but was drunk enough for it to have been 4am. lost my phone at my apartment after having lost my keys in my purse and then literally tore my room to shreds in true hurricane fashion, woke up this morning taken aback amidst an eruption of shit that resembled dorothy's house post-relocation to oz. the week had unforeseen hiccups that I tried to shove under the carpet instead of face head on, so the blow up was inevitable, and cleaning it up later is going to be appropriately symbolic. I'm going to throw most of it away.

I'm off at 4 today and I need to have some down time to really focus and think rationally about everything I need to get in order before I leave. thinking while specifically, sober and calm.

I have always wanted to do what I'm about to do, and I am lucky enough to have the love and support of my (cheeseballs coming) amazing friends and family. I think that is perhaps the most daunting part-- I've never been away from them. new york is going to teach me what I haven't been able to learn, and that is to be alone, and be okay.

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