Tuesday, January 6, 2009

milking it for free

2008's whirlwind end and 2009's beginning on wobbling bambi legs have left me bereft of a sense of assuredness of anything except that the time is ripe to get a firmer grip on the bull's balls. the winter doldrums still set in despite all of the overwhelmingly wondrous and unexpected adventures of the past few weeks, and I'm trying to claw my way out. as much as I appreciate the beauty in ephemerality, my nostalgic streak counteracts rationale; sometimes I forget that moments can be kept, but not held the way I want to. hedonism isn't about buying the cow.

it's a struggle to stay in stride, but today (even despite having woken up at 4am having gone to bed at 2) I'm meeting up with brent at mcsweeney's and will get some new projects to work on for wholphin, and next week I'm going to start job hunting for a restaurant gig to start saving money for le grand city swap.

the prospect of the wild blue yonder that is the world beyond the city by the bay is daunting, but it's imperative that I continue to learn to be self sufficient. by summer, a good portion of those that I call my closest friends will have scattered across the globe to embark on journeys of all kinds. some are merely running, some are searching, some are creating, but our common denominator is growth. I'm willing to show myself that I'm ready by taking some action.

as for the resolutions, I'm doing okay. the green phlegm goblins I've been hacking up have made it pretty easy to involuntarily quit smoking (day 3), but I'm going to have to throw on an addendum, which is to lose the weight I gained on birth control and didn't drop when I got off of it. this is probably do-able providing that I'm willing to give up delivery pizza, insomnia snacking, laziness, and beer. maybe I'll fill the voids with baby carrots, DIY pedicures, yoga and prozac.

here's a few snaps from the last week-ish.

mm & me (thanks cass!)

back to sf from christmas in the 707

rufus copping a cheap feel on NYE

pornament fiesta with the girls

disco ukulele dance at teatro zinzanni

life, as a cabaret

chris vick turns 28 @ the 811

my favorite room in all the land! my favorite goose!

the Womanizer Dance

lyds, ghostriding the basement


me 'n tobs

ms. lindsay, my new year's kiss

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