Monday, September 22, 2008

basking in the warmth of burning bridges

I had the weirdest fucking nightmares last night. somehow, the tyrannical transgendered chef from the show it's always sunny in philidelphia drove me out of my new house that I'm about to move into by verbally abusing me and force feeding me msg powder from packages of ramen. (no more hulu before bed.) I woke up mildly disturbed at about 10 and watched political newscasts on cnn with rob while enjoying a giant bowl of honey bunches of oats, and my new landlord called to let me know my credit check had been approved, and also that my old landlord, leila, had nothing but kind and cheerful things to say about me in reference. I was mildly surprised to hear as such, as I've only actually met her once, but our only exchange was an evening spent downstairs at madrone that ended with me offering to spoon her. she politely declined, but it seems as if a little willingness to spoon goes a long way.

I still am waking up every morning feeling like I've been hit by a truck, but I've got hope. 9 days left. speaking of trucks, does anyone know someone who has one?

anything big enough to move a twin mattress would rule my world.

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