Thursday, September 18, 2008

experiments and truth, and consequences

okay. so this whole Spending Time With Me thing is progressing, and it seems to be grounding me a little. (no panic attacks today! huzzah!) I found out this morning that I got the room at the mcallister spot, so I gave my notice and I suppose that is just that. aside from having to worry about coming up with deposit money, of course. it's been too long a time coming for theatrics, but I will grieve the loss of my barbie dream house, this house that was in theory my very salvation from the last quarter life crisis. ironic that it only brought on another one rather prematurely. it's unbelievable... another era's end in less than a year.

in one of our countless hater's quarrels, jon had shouted that, "not everything had to be a god damn novel". I think that is where he's wrong. every day I write the book.

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