Saturday, October 18, 2008

a is for alexis bledel

andrew lux- 415

I met andrew when he came to my apartment to be interviewed for an available room. right before he arrived, my quirky german roommate gruffly disclosed through a mouthful of half masticated ramen noodles that his reputation may have preceded him.

"oh?" I asked, "how?"

"he is roof jumper guy." she replied. I waited for further explanation but she just continued shoveling the soup into her face.

"why is he the roof jumper guy?"

"last year, he was wasted at a party and he fell off the roof." she said matter of factly, and stared up at me from under her eyelids that were heavy with black warpaint. "four stories."

"jesus, jona, is he in a wheelchair?"

"nope. he walks."

the doorbell rang and we brought him up for the grand tour, all the while I was fruitlessly trying to discern any visible deformities or noticeable limps. I was asking him the usual standard roommate questions, and after he finished telling me about his employment at ameoba, he added, "oh, and you've probably heard of me before. I'm that guy who fell off the roof." jona clapped her hands and grinned like a maniac.

"I was there!" she pointed out. andrew shrugged. I ignored her.

"are you alright, now?" I said, placing my hand gingerly on his shoulder as if I was afraid he might break.

"yeah, I'm alright. I've got a lot of good pills." jona's eyes lit up and I shot her a look that could dry up oktoberfest. he continued, "I've also got 6 seasons of gilmore girls."

"sign me up, dude. it's marathon time."

I borrowed this from his myspace:

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Max Scoville said...

Shit, even I've heard of him.