Thursday, October 23, 2008

what comes is better

my floor is littered with pea green bus transfers, broken glass (damn cat), and unemployment paperwork, and I'm trying to stockpile serotonin for when the rains set in.

here's my top five for indian summer 2k8.

1. switch hitting blogs- wholphin vs. playboybacon

2. new britney

the bitch is back, and she's gotcho crazy.

3. coinstar machines. my inner bag lady rejoices.

4. happy hour at bean bag. fuck it. happy hour everywhere.

5. leotards. I want one in every color.

and now: mactards.


kaylin marie said...

jesus christ I know I'm going to hear womanizer blasting out of corollas here in suburbia any minute...

is it wrong that I was admiring the wigs?

lucy said...

Christina! It me, Lucille. I don't really blog anymore, but it's so nice to hear from you. How have you been? Email me once in a while, dictioncanary(at)gmail(dot)com