Sunday, October 19, 2008

a is for amiability

april - 510

when april and I ran around in the same crowd, she and I were constantly being mistaken for each other due to our only 2 shared traits: being tall with blonde hair. this may have been fine if it weren't for the fact that april had a hard time behaving herself. I couldn't help but feel slightly resentful, having to defend my own antics and then set several records straight about my doppleganger's never ending series of unfortunate events.

I dyed my hair red shortly after I was stopped on the street by a friend who had heard I'd been arrested in front of arrow bar the night before.

asian erin- 206

"asian erin" who programmed herself into my phone as such, insisted that everyone knew too many aarons and erins to begin with. I met her at a hoe-down themed bike race nestled in the recesses of golden gate park, and I noticed just behind her right ear she had a tattoo in swirling script that simply said, 'meh'. I asked her about it and she explained that it was her philosophy for life, a sort of self-designed MO.

"for instance," she said, gesturing to a bearded young man nearby, "I just up and moved here from portland for this guy that I've known for 3 weeks."

"wow..." I trailed, off, unsure of what to say next.

erin pointed to her neck and said, "meh."

aubrey - 310

aubrey and I met in 5th grade, and became immediately inseparable. we were both undeniably trouble makers, but she always seemed to be the seeker, fearlessly plowing ahead like the alexander the great of 10 year old girls. aubrey took no prisoners, abided by no rules, and seemed to get away with murder with her whipsmart intellect, persuasive reasoning, and strikingly beautiful looks. she saved me from no uncertain fate of social ridicule when I entered my awkward phase (which I'm not entirely sure I ever left) and no one dared say a disparaging word about my prized wet seal feathered glitter pencils. we remained friends after my move to sonoma in 8th grade, but the best friend hierarchy had shifted. nina b. took my place as her right hand woman, and by the end of sophomore year she and aubrey had gotten matching tribal BFF tattoos on the back of their hips with the number 96 worked into the design to commemorate the year they met. when I asked her how she was going to hide it from her parents she just shrugged and said that she was already planning her goldfish backpiece.

one afternoon aubrey, nina and rachel decided to ditch school and come pick me up from class in napa in a yellow land rover with the top down. I remember seeing them blocks off, screaming like lolita banshees in tube tops, blasting papa roaches' laughably bad hit song "last resort" as loud as the speakers would play. I jumped in the back, aware that everyone in the quad was slack jawed and staring, and rachel burned rubber that left marks on the asphalt that lasted for years. we got three blocks away and I realized I that in my excitement had forgotten my backpack on a bench. rumors circulated that I was friends with britney spears' backup dancers.

throughout high school we stayed close although had vastly different experiences. she had boyfriends and experimented with drugs and I rode the bus to catholic school in the back with the nerds, save for my one land rover joyride. around the time she spent the night in jail for her second DUI, I was having my third surgery for cancer treatment. she wasn't allowed to walk with her class at graduation, and I had gotten my GED. she and nina moved to san diego and had a falling out that was never really resolved over a mountain of petty grievances, and I moved to san francisco to embark on my excellent scene adventure. we share nothing in common anymore except for a decade and a half of history, and I will love that girl forever.

audcock - 415

chad (dj name audrock) and I used to spin records together at arrow bar, and he asked me out on a heavily referenced "coffee and caramels" date that never actually came to be.

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