Sunday, October 5, 2008

off topic, but still relevant

why is sam rockwell so blazing hot? is it the receding hairline, the questionable teeth, the inevitable abandonment of pruning tools for facial hair between roles, perhaps the fact that in real life he's likely no taller than a my-size barbie? maybe it's the voice. either way, I've got a serious celebutard boner for that man.

could you hit it with this guy?

alright, what about this guy?

PSYCH. they're the same guy.

see what I mean? who is the real sam rockwell? is he some crazy bag man that I would likely see in the back of a muni bus at 3am, casting peanut shells about like 7-11 runes while singing pussycat dolls karaoke, or is he madly debonaire hollywood who's who who looks quite good with his top off? I want to know this man's inner workings, such as his cereal of choice, whether he prefers chocolate to vanilla, and also find out if he always dressed to the left or if that is something that evolves over time, whether lefties are made and not born. I want this man to be on my christmas card list. fuck the duchie, please pass the sexy old guy?

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Cassandra said...


that last scene, when she opens the airplane bathroom door and he's sitting there naked...

I completely understand where you're coming from.